This script allows you to limit the content of text field outputs in templates.

  Paradox        5.0        0        18/08/2012

A simple trick used here on the site that creates an extremely useful visual effect. It can also help improve usability-by-design.

  Paradox        3.0        0        08/07/2012

Enable the ability to show and hide each seperate forum board using this code.

  Paradox        5.0        0        07/05/2012

This Script will give you Unlimited Extra Fields, And is really useful if you ran out of your extra fields that came default with uCoz features.

  Animorph        0.0        1        14/04/2012

Add a new touch of interaction to your forum allowing users to generate their own mood images at the beginning of each forum post.

  Paradox        0.0        1        14/04/2012

This tutorial gives an insight into creating a modal popup box manually. The base style is fully customisable.

  Paradox        5.0        3        02/10/2011

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